'RAW' Cast Studios, Helston Cornwall 2017 


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27TH - 28TH MAY

A show of multi-disciplinary works from six female artists of Bath School of Art and Design. Our practices are in flux, in transition and in the inception of something tangible and significant. This show is a discussion of techniques, processes and themes that are being tested and explored in this raw stage of our practice.


Finding and organising our Exhibition:

Myself and five other students from Bath spa put on an exhibition at CAST in Helston, Cornwall, wanting the opportunity to show a selection of second year works outside of the university. The location was found by Ellie Ridley and inquired about the possibility of us to hold an exhibition. The arrangements were made to conduct a pop-up exhibition running over the weekend of 27th May 2017. As a group, we all decided on ‘raw’ as our exhibition title, feeling that ‘RAW’ summed up the experimental stage we are all at in our practise. There are common factors that link all our work together, whether it be the median we work with or what inspires us to the concepts and colour pallet. A lot of time was spent on the creation of the poster, knowing that advertising is vital tool in increasing chances of sales and people coming to the show. We used a close up of a painting created by Holly Nicholls. The variation of typefaces, font sizes combined with concise information made this an affected tool.

Arriving and setting up at CAST:

The six of us brought our chosen works down to the exhibition space from Bath on Friday the 26th before the opening on the Saturday. CAST was once a school that has now been taken over by a group of artists who now rent studios there. The building was great, with elements of its origin as a school. The part of the old school that we were given had a similar feel however was light and spacious. Our exhibition also coincided with the resident artists at CAST hosting open studios. This was amazing because it meant we got to have a look around and interact with the artist. It also it helped attract a larger footfall. It was a great opportunity to meet people outside the university setting and to talk about their works and ours. Having to answer questions about our work and explaining ideas proved great practice for future exhibitions. It was beneficial speaking to established fulltime artists about their careers and practise.

Reflecting on this exhibition, I feel for me it couldn’t have gone any better for several reasons. Firstly, with only a day setting up I was so pleased with how well we put the exhibition together, will all our work sitting well amongst one another. The significant number of people that visited the exhibition and their feedback over the weekend proved a very strong selection of work was being shown. Secondly, the setting of being around working artists and being able to gain an insight into what it’s like working in studios after university was fantastic. We discussed as a group that the exhibition may have benefited from nametags beside each of our works but this didn’t prove a major issue as we were present at the exhibition space to talk to any of the public that had questions or comments on our work. It was a huge pleasure to have worked alongside my five colleagues.


Below shows a write up which one of any peers put together which was going into the newspaper after the success of our exhibition. 


Artists studying at Bath Spa - University Exhibit in Helston at CAST

Over the bank holiday weekend CAST (Cornucopian Arts and Science Trust) was not only host to open studios but also to an art exhibition ‘RAW’ by six female artists from Bath School of Art and Design. Elicia Ridley from Goldsithney organised the exhibition and along with Sophie Danby, Georgie Oxnard, Kate Jupe and Holly Nicholls displayed an amazing show of multi-disciplinary works. The exhibit was a discussion of techniques, processes and themes that are being tested and explored in this raw stage of all their practices. Majority of the artists are local to Cornwall and the work ranged from sculptures, paintings and collages to interactive concertina art books, autonomous light installations and fabric poetry hangings. The whole building was a buzz, with lots of visitors and a huge diversity of art shown in all the studios.We would like to thank Teresa Gledding for supporting the exhibition and all the CAST artists.