Studio Photograph, 2019. Credit Ocki Magill. 

I tend to work mostly with oil paint as I enjoy the richness of the medium; how versatile it is and the finish that can be achieved. However, I would not define myself as strictly a painter my work is very much mixed media. Consisting of painting and drawing combined, ranging from small to large scale working with materials such as on linen and cotton duck canvas to paper. These abstract works are based on form, colour and lines found in rural landscapes. There are three elements to my work, these being photography, painting and drawing all of my works are concerned with  reference to my own photography which captures a landscape and place in a moment of time. That photograph enabling me to be back in my previous surroundings where I once was total immersed in the landscape. Portraying that experience referencing weather, colour, terrain, and meeting points through the use of oil paint, pastels, spray paint, acrylic, pen and pencil. In each of my works I wish to push the boundaries of materials and there application through using a wide range of mediums and tools. Pouring of oil paint, gestural brush spokes and mark making are various techniques I use to apply and manipulate my selected mediums, my practice being very fluid and experimental. My paintings and drawings are an expression of the landscape and how I personally  see it and although I am capturing that through the camera lens it is not that view I am most interested in its relaying that into a painterly  view. Perspective  being a main theme in my practice.